Sonntag, 4. August 2013

Pick-up of Brusa Items - or X-Mas in May

Sorry, long time no updates.. (I've been busy though)

I was able to pick-up the Brusa components in Sennwald Switzerland. During my visit I was given a thorough tour through the factory which was quite impressive.
I also started my ventures into analyzing CAN bus messages and to find out how to query the ECU for the requested throttle position so it could be used to send commands to the Brusa motor controller.

I made a short video about this for . It appeared in the show of 14th of June 2013. Here you'll be able to watch it directly (first some introduction, then CAN bus analysis and at the end some impressions from the Brusa components pick-up) :
The code for the CAN-Monitor and the CAN-Throttle prototype can be found here: and here (might give an idea how to use the ArduinoDue as a CAN monitor).

next steps:
  • Refactoring of GEVCU to be more modular and support the addition of other motor controllers and throttles
  • Finish the shop and set-up the car lift
  • Start to take her apart ;)

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