Sonntag, 21. Januar 2018

Why did we do this again?

I joined the Wave Trophy 2016 for an evening in Biel and got the chance to attend the speech of Dr. phil. Daniele Ganser. He's a Swiss historian who worked at several universities until he founded SIPER - the Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research. In his speech he pointed out very convincingly how, where and why wars are fought for resource allocation (oil and gas) - from a historian's point of view. As I doubted the official version of 9/11 from the very beginning and was accused to believe in conspiracy theories, the first part did not surprise me much - until he explained the backgrounds of the war in Syria. I was dumbfounded and it actually made me feel sick in my stomach that me too was completely unaware of what is really going on. The english version is a bit short unfortunately and the german version has bad audio. But anyway it's still highly recommendable to watch!
After loosing a bit track of the main reason in the past 2-3 years, I realized again why I did this conversion. It's environment protection too, sure. But the main reason is: Electric cars are the only way to get out of this mess we're currently in. I think there's a lot of merit to Mr. Ganser's explanations in his book that since World War I (not II !!) all wars where "western" countries are directly involved are mainly not to free people(s) from dictators, they're not about introducing democracy in the middle east, they're not to fight terrorism - on the opposite, they are providing the nutrient medium for it and benefit from the fear it causes! The only two reasons western countries are involved in or causing wars are: obtain access to oil and gas reserves.
And the only way to stop this is to become self-sufficient, to use a renewable energy for transportation which can be produced locally. There's no need to invade or destabilize other countries if all you need is electricity and heat from your roof-top.
Well, the next reasons for wars are then clean water and once the oil crisis hits of course it becomes pretty basic: food to fight the famine. But let's be positive here.

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